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When you engage our dental practice consulting services, you’ll save money by working with the right people who understand what your needs are and know how to meet them. Not by having someone dictate to you, but by having us listen to you and make sure you get what you want. We’re here to protect you and make sure your best interests are served, from space location to construction completion.

Space Location

Location can make or break a dental practice. What area of Southern California do you want to locate your practice in? Do you want to be in a medical building or strip mall? Have you considered parking and visibility/signage? We know the greater Los Angeles and San Diego areas, including Long Beach, Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, Bakersfield and Fresno, and bring over 30 years of experience helping hundreds of dentists in southern California find their ideal location.

Space Requirements

What are your growth plans for your dental practice in the next ten years? What are your square footage requirements today? How many operatories do you need? If you’re a dental specialist, your needs are somewhat different from a general dentist’s needs. The advantage of working with our dental office design and consulting firm is our industry expertise. We listen to your practice goals, and then advise you on the space requirements to meet your current needs and allow for future growth.

Preliminary Drawings

Have you identified what you want in the space? Will your technology and growth requirements work with the locations you’ve identified? Designing a modern dental office is a highly specialized skill; without sufficient current dental design experience, the plans can create problems that dramatically affect office activities. Our on-staff, local designer, Robin, has worked solely with dental offices for over 30 years and knows what it takes to create an efficient and comfortable environment. She will visit the sites with you to create the preliminary drawing, and you can sit down with our designer as many times as you want to be sure it’s right before you sign the lease. We can help you create a space that will truly maximize efficiency to better serve your patients and get more out of your dental practice.

Equipment Concepts

For a dentist office, it’s all about flow. Where do you want to deliver hand pieces? Do you want the availability for both left- and right-hand? We can take you to see dental offices with different equipment concepts to help you better envision the options. Once you’re sure the layout is correct, then we can begin talking equipment and concepts, and we’ll visit manufacturers if you would like to see all the options available. Because Bob has established strong relationships with equipment vendors over our 30+ years of working in the dental industry in Southern California, our vendors will work with you to give you the best pricing and service.

Technology and Software

Where do you want technology to be placed? Do you have specialized technology such as 3-D cone beam imaging? What are your future technology plans? Your dental office layout must be designed around technology. And one of your best marketing strategies should include making technology visible to your patients whenever possible. You build patient trust and loyalty when they see that you are offering them modern technology to make their time in the dental chair faster and less painful. As leaders in equipment consulting, we can advise you on the latest technology to provide patients with exceptional care, and the technology and software coming in the next few years that will help you grow your practice.

Office Tours

What are your “wants” for your dental office? Have you considered future growth and its impact on space design and layout? Which equipment do you need today and which will you likely be adding in the next five to ten years? After listening to your needs and wants, we’ll take you to see several new and existing dental offices with different equipment concepts, colors and flow to help you better envision the options. One of the major benefits you’ll receive from working with us is having us both available to meet with you. And because we’ve worked with dentists in the Southern California market for decades, you can trust our knowledge of the greater Los Angeles and San Diego areas.

Interior Design

Where do you go to find the right dental office lighting for your space? Who offers the best options for cabinets and counters? What colors create the atmosphere you want for your patients? Our in-house designer not only designs the space, she has an interior design degree and decades of dental office design consulting. Robin will listen to your desires and concerns regarding flooring, paint colors, lighting and cabinet colors, and then provide information to help you make the best choices. Robin has developed relationships with vendors throughout Southern California who specialize in working with dentists, and she will negotiate on your behalf to get the best possible pricing.

Construction Budget and Process

When you hire us, you’ll discover we do things a little differently — because these differences can be huge benefits for you. One of the major differences is how we handle the bid process: we use two contractors, not just one, and give you the opportunity to weigh the pros and cons of each bid. Of course, you can select your own contractor, but most dentists prefer using our contractors who have extensive dental office experience and know all the unique aspects of building a dental space. We’ll go over the bids to make sure no extras have been included. Then Bob will meet with you to discuss the construction budget and give you an estimate on how long the process will take to complete.


Which banks offer the best terms for your specific needs? Do they have extensive experience working with the special financing needs of a dental or orthodontic practice? Take advantage of our 30+ years of dental office consulting in Southern California and the relationships Bob has built with banks in the greater Los Angeles and San Diego areas. We can align you with the individual loan officers we know and trust: people who can make your transaction easier and less time consuming, and will work with you to give you the best terms for your project.

Final Drawings

The final drawings allow us to obtain bids for all aspects of the office project, including the plumbing, electrical, ceilings, lighting and construction. Bob’s expertise in dental office consulting can save you substantial money here. Because of our extensive experience designing dental practice spaces and creating detailed drawings, our contractors can base their best bids off our drawings with very little additional information.

“On multiple occasions he has made recommendations where I have saved considerable capital.” – Younes Safa, D.D.S.

Ethical Contractors

Do you have time to find and coordinate multiple contractors yourself? What if you could make one call and have access to a network of contractors who specialize in dental office construction projects? After decades of working with dental space contractors throughout Southern California, Bob can recommend ethical contractors who have successfully completed numerous dental offices for our clients over the years. We have built strong relationships with these contractors and have developed trust in their abilities to save you money over the life of your office by building it right the first time.

IT Services

IT is far too important to take chances on. A lot of people today know how to do basic cabling and networking. But because of the unique requirements of the dental office, you need IT people who are specially trained on today’s dental office technology and the technology that will become the standard of care five to ten years from now. People who don’t regularly provide dental office IT services could cause a disruption to your office today or create a substantial IT expense later if your IT isn’t set up properly for the future. Bob can recommend ethical IT people with Southern California dental practice expertise and save you money in the long-run by hiring the right skills today.

Weekly Construction Meetings

We’re here to be your project manager and ensure your project runs smoothly every step of the way. Part of our responsibility is making sure you’re kept up-to-date with the progress of your dental office. Once construction begins, you’ll be invited to weekly status meetings, generally lasting 30-45 minutes, with Bob, Robin and the contractor. We’ll discuss what has been completed, address any problems or concerns that have arisen during construction and answer any questions you have. We’re all on your team to make sure you get exactly what you want, within budget and on schedule.

Job Site Responsibilities

Location can make or break a dental practice. What area of Southern California do you want to locate your practice in? Do you want to be in a medical building or strip mall? Have you considered parking and visibility/signage? We know the greater Los Angeles and San Diego areas, including Long Beach, Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, Bakersfield and Fresno, and bring over 30 years of experience helping hundreds of dentists in southern California find their ideal location.

Space Location

We believe in building strong relationships with our clients and strive to earn your trust with our “hands-on” approach to every aspect of your project. We lay out with the contractor all requirements of the job site, including the plumbing, electrical and IT, to ensure proper placement and function of all equipment and the whole build out process. And we visit the site weekly to make sure all aspects are being done to spec. Many design companies will create the drawing and lay out the space one time, and they will not return until the end of the project. Because we only work with dental practices in the greater Los Angeles and San Diego areas, we’re locally focused to take an active role in making sure you get the office you desire.

Equipment Installation

Bob will meet the equipment installers at your site to make sure each piece is correct and ensure the equipment is placed and installed properly. Because of our expertise in planning dental practice spaces, the necessary plumbing, electrical, air lines and technology will have been prepared and ready for use. We don’t leave anything to chance, so we’ll inspect and test the dental equipment to make sure you’ll be up and running from day one.

Practice Growth

Throughout our decades of experience working in the dental community, we have developed relationships with many seasoned, knowledgeable dental practice coaches and industry experts in all areas of the modern dental practice. We keep abreast of all the continuing advances in technology, new marketing opportunities and office systems designed to make your staff and office run more efficiently. Whatever your need, we can bring in experts who have helped dentists and orthodontists achieve greater efficiency, growth and success.

“As our profession continually changes Mr. Mothershead remains on the cutting edge of all things in dentistry. Having Bob as a member of your team is simply a must.” – Theodore Burnett, D.D.S.

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